New York Mets Fan Cave Rules Wooden Sign - Dynasty Sports & Framing

New York Mets Fan Cave Rules Wooden Sign

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These hilarious 10" x 16" wooden signs are great for you and your guests to get a few laughs in your fan cave! Contains 11 humorous "man-fan" rules to abide by! Made by SJT Enterprises.
  • Professional quality genuine wooden sign
  • Wood signs are new and may have a vintage or distressed appearance
  • Artistic paint is attractive and very durable
  • Measures 10" x 16"
  • Indoor Use Only

    1) My cave, my rules

    2) Must be a ___________ fan to enter the cave

    3) No whinin' or cryin'

    4) Beer only (no foo-foo chick drinks)

    5) Sports on TV 24/7

    6) Man controls remotes

    7) Farting and belching allowed

    8) If it itches, scratch it

    9) Junk food only (no veggie crap)

    10) No chick flicks

    11) Man is always right

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