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Custom Memorabilia/Collectibles Framing                                              

Collectibles are big business today. From high-end action figures and statues to vintage toys, many people of all ages build extensive collections to celebrate their favorite sports, movies, television series, musicians, and more.

Sports collectibles are one of the most common types available, with signed items (photos, baseballs, jerseys) particularly sought-after and valuable. The biggest names in the sporting world can add thousands of dollars to a piece with a simple signature.                                                                                                                            

Another very popular space to collect in is music. Music has been around since the beginning of mankind, and so has preserving the artifacts and memorabilia that are associated with it. At Dynasty Sports and Framing we can create a custom frame for any of your musical pieces. From record albums, guitars, guitar picks, drum sticks, sheet music and anything else in your music collection we can create a magical custom frame for it!

You want to keep these as safe and secure as possible, not only to preserve their quality, but also to ensure their monetary value remains unaffected. At Dynasty Sports and Framing, we can create custom frames to keep your favorite collectibles in the very best condition for years to come.

We also stock display cases for larger items, allowing you to showcase your collectibles throughout the home or office. Your collectibles tell the world who you are and what you love, so they deserve the very best.

An Unbeatable Choice of Display Options

Our custom frames are tailored to your exact requests. No matter how big or small your collectibles may be, we’ll build a frame to suit it, with hundreds of colors to choose from.

Dynasty Sports and Framing offers numerous different matte frames, and additional touches can be added for more dynamic displays. Our expert team has years of experience creating frames of all sizes and styles, and we’re happy to listen to your own ideas. 

Alongside our frames, our hand-made display cases are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Certain cases offer UV protection, mirrored bottoms, and removable glass tops for simple access. These help your treasured pieces to remain unaffected by sunlight, dust, and dirt, while allowing for a full view.

You can mix and match custom frames and display cases to show off your collectibles, and to make the most of the space available. If you have a room dedicated to your collection, an assortment of different display types helps you create a powerful effect.                                                                                                                    

If your collectibles are signed photographs, posters, or anything else of a delicate nature, you can rest assured that we’ll treat it with the utmost respect. After all, we love memorabilia and collectibles as much as you do!

Want to know more about our custom collectibles framing and display cases? Just give us a call on (215) 750-3482 or stop in to see us at the Oxford Valley Mall today.