Frequently Asked Questions: General

How do I know that these autographs are authentic?

Dynasty Sports takes pride in providing quality items for you the customer. All of our autographed memorabilia is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and/or a serial-numbered hologram. Most items are authenticated by Dynasty Sports, however we also have items that have been authenticated by JSA (James Spence Authentication) and PSA/DNA. These are the two most reputable names in the industry when it comes to signature certification and we guarantee that any item certified by Dynasty Sports will pass JSA and PSA/DNA tests.

Can Dynasty Sports authenticate my signed item?

To ensure a high standard of quality, Dynasty Sports will only authenticate items that are present at one of our public or private autograph signings. We do not take in items to be authenticated on a day-to-day basis like JSA and PSA/DNA do.

Will Dynasty Sports buy or appraise my signed item?

Being sports fans and memorabilia collectors ourselves, we here at Dynasty Sports would love to take a look at any signed item that you might want to bring in from home. Using our knowledge gained through working in the memorabilia business, we may be able to give you some valuable information on your item. However, we cannot officially appraise an item, nor will we buy anything from the public.

How does Dynasty Sports determine the final price of autographed memorabilia?

There are many steps taken before a piece of memorabilia looks like it does when it is hanging on your wall at home. The final price of an item is calculated by not only the value of the signature (which varies greatly from athlete to athlete for many different reasons), but also the cost of the photograph and the cost of framing and matting. The value of a particular player’s autograph will vary depending on if he/she is a current player, retired player, hall of fame player, deceased player, etc.

Where does Dynasty Sports get their autographed memorabilia?

Dynasty Sports obtains most of their autographed memorabilia through public and private autograph signings. We have done public and private autograph signings with athletes like LeSean McCoy, Carlos Ruiz, Claude Giroux, Bernie Parent, and many others. We may also obtain certain out-of-market memorabilia from other vendors that do their own public and private signings. Again, Dynasty Sports guarantees their signatures to be 100% authentic.

Frequently Asked Questions: Autograph Signing Events 

How can I purchase tickets to autograph signings?

Tickets to autograph signings can be purchased at any one of our locations, credit card over the phone, or online at shopdynastysports.com

When should I be at the signing or event?

Generally, the line for a public autograph signing will begin to form about a half-hour before the scheduled event. Some people show up sooner, some later. If you purchased a ticket, you are guaranteed an autograph, however the athlete will only sign autographs in the scheduled time slot unless otherwise noted (sometimes athletes are late and time is extended).  

What if an autograph signing is cancelled or postponed?

If an athlete is scheduled to appear at a Dynasty Sports public autograph signing and does not show, reschedules, or cancels, you are entitled to a full refund of your ticket. If there is a re-schedule date, your original ticket is good for that date.

Can I mail in an item to be signed for me?

Yes! We always accept mail-in orders for our public autograph signings. Simply email us, or contact the store the signing is being held at and let us know what exactly you want. Dynasty Sports prides itself not only on the quality of our products, but also our customer service. Don’t hesitate to call and talk to a Dynasty Sports representative today!

What is an inscription?

An inscription is defined as anything an athlete writes on your item that is NOT his/her name. For example, if you would like an athlete to write one of his/her career stats like “Hall Of Fame 1995” That would be considered an inscription and a separate inscription ticket needs to be purchased.  Or if you would like the athlete to make the signature out to someone, for example: “To my biggest fan, Billy,” that would also be considered an inscription. Some athletes do not allow any inscriptions and Dynasty Sports as well as our customers must respect that wish.

Can I take a photo with the athlete?

Athletes CANNOT stand up and pose for a picture during a signing unless otherwise noted. Pictures may be taken of the athlete signing your item, however posed photos or selfies will not be permitted.

Why do I have to pay for a ticket?

Unless an event is being held for charity, most athletes charge a fee (either time based or per signature) to appear at one of our stores and sign autographs for the public. Dynasty Sports sells tickets to make up the difference spent on hosting an athlete and all of the expenses that go into a large public event. We appreciate your business and hope that you have the best experience possible at Dynasty Sports, whether it is a signings event or not.