Sports Memorabilia Charity Auction: How it Works

Risk Free Sports Memorabilia Fundraisers |      How It Works

As a nonprofit organization or foundation, we understand the effort and expense it takes to have a successful fundraising event. You can't gamble on who you work with. Dynasty makes requesting and running a sports memorabilia auction easy, and entirely risk-free. Rely on the experts: we facilitate more than 75 memorabilia charity auctions every year. Here's how it works.

Introduce yourselves

Contact usto let us know when and where your fundraiser is to be held. We want to make sure we have all the event information we need, so we'll ask you all the important questions. Our team is based in Philly, but we travel throughout the tri-state area and beyond in order to run charity auctions.

Selecting Dynasty memorabilia

In addition to getting the event logistics, we want to know about your donors who will be attending. We'll ask you where people are coming from and about any similar fundraising tools you have used in the past. We want to make sure we bring memorabilia donors will love, so let us know if many of the attendees are traveling from across the country, or if athletes from a specific team have supported your cause. This process truly is risk free: we never request payment from you, and we take back any items that don't receive a bid. Once we have memorabilia in mind for you, we'll send you a detailed and customized inventory for you to see what items will be at your fundraiser.

Elevating your next event

Maximize your donations from the first bid while entertaining your guests. We'll make sure your donors want to get in on the fun after the first collectible is announced.

Dynasty takes pride in organizing the memorabilia and making sure the items are home runs with your guests. At the fundraiser, one of our experienced team members will come out to organize and run the entire sports memorabilia auction for you. We bring:

  • Bid sheets
  • The items
  • Item display accessories (stands, easels, descriptive signs, etc.)
  • Paperwork that is clear and easy to understand 

The Dynasty representative will announce each item and take bids, and professionally host this part of your fundraiser from start to finish. After tracking all the bids, they will distribute the items and collect payment. We accept cash, check, and major credit cards.

Our team is here for you, so your event organizers can make sure everything else is going perfectly for your donors. Our auction logistics service is complimentary, and we promise that your guests will love Dynasty as much as you will. 

Fast payment distribution

After collecting all of the bids for the memorabilia, the Dynasty representative collects payment from the donors. Once all payments are given to us via cash, check, or credit card, we tally the total. Dynasty only keeps the retail cost of the item, not a percentage of the bids. A check is given to your event organizers on the spot. You'll receive the contributions from the sports memorabilia auction by the end of the event.

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