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Sports Memorabilia Auctions for Charity Events 

Charity Fundraising:  Sports Memorabilia and More

Entertain your guests and raise more funds at your next charity event without spending a dime. A sports memorabilia charity auction gives your donors the chance to own exclusive, one-of-a-kind collectibles. Dynasty stocks the hottest autographed jerseys, photographs, and player gear thanks to our close working relationships with top Philadelphia athletes.

Your crowd will love seeing a signed Eagles jersey or an autographed Phillies glove. Our framing experts make sure that autographed photos are in perfect condition to help make your sports memorabilia fundraiser a success. Raise thousands of dollars while letting us do the work, and it's all at zero cost or risk to you.

We want to make sure you exceed your fundraising goals. Email us for more information or check out our How It Works page. If you’re ready to bring Dynasty out to your next event, call (215) 750-3482 to speak with James.

How can this fundraiser be risk free?

We want you to deal with all the other aspects of your event, not your memorabilia fundraiser. After contacting Dynasty, a team member will connect with you to ask about your event and audience. Once we learn a little more about you, we’ll send you a curated inventory list of auction memorabilia to choose from. On the night of the event, we’ll send a team member to set up, run the auction, collect payment, and write a check to your organization for the total auction donations at the end of the night. This eliminates the hassle of waiting days or even weeks for the donation check for the organization. We make the process of paying easy for your donors by accepting cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

Guaranteed top memorabilia for auctions

We’re a local store, and Philly teams are hits with local supporters. We always have a fresh inventory of memorabilia signed by top athletes from the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and 76ers. But, sports fans aren’t confined or defined by where they live., which is why we stock inventory of memorabilia from top teams across the country. If you want to provide even more of a selection for donors to bid on, inquire about our large selection of music and film memorabilia as well.

You'll only make money, not spend money

We don’t request a payment from you, ever. We bring the items to you, run the auction, and immediately give you the donations from the auction. We want to encourage the highest bids, so you can collect the largest donations for your organization. Learning more about how working with us is entirely risk-free.

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Please email or call James: | (215) 750-3482