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Choosing Your Custom Photo Frames 

Photos come in all shapes and sizes – and we can frame them all.

Our custom frames are available to suit pictures of any scale, from standard sizes to poster- or panoramic-sized prints. We can help you customize every detail of your frame. From the frame color, frame thickness, frame finish, the frame material and overall style. 

These small but powerful touches are ideal to help you create a truly custom frame to help you proudly display those special moments. 

Whether you are displaying your custom framed photos in your bedroom, at college, over the fireplace, or at work every custom Dynasty framed picture will stand out! Even the smallest picture can be made bigger, brighter, and more dynamic with an outstanding custom frame.

Simply putting your prized pictures into a standard frame or even letting them stand unframed is no way to celebrate treasured memories. Perhaps you’re giving a photograph as a gift to a friend or loved one, and want to make it really special.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the picture, our friendly, experienced team is happy to help you choose the perfect custom frame. Feel free to give us your own ideas, or ask for our best advice.

Want to know more? Just give us a call on (215) 750-3482, or even stop in to see us! You’ll find us at the Oxford Valley Mall, Langhorne, PA!