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The Los Angeles Lakers were established in 1947, known then as the Minneapolis Lakers. In 1960, after winning 5 championships, the Lakers moved to Los Angeles and became what we know today as the Los Angeles Lakers. In the 1960s, the Lakers lost six championships to the Boston Celtics, spurring the rivalry we see continue to develop today. Finally, in 1968, the Lakers won a championship after acquiring Wilt Chamberlain. Fast forward to 1979, the Lakers draft Magic Johnson with the first overall pick. Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabarr would go on to help the Lakers win an additional 5 championships in the 1980s and become an absolute powerhouse in the NBA. In 1996 the Lakers drafted Kobe Bryant, and signed Shaquille O'Neal. The Team won three championships in a row with this duo. Today, the Lakers look to continue their winning include Jerry West, James Worthy, Michael Cooper, & George Mikan.  Dynasty Sports strives to be your go to shop for all things Lakers. From custom framing, to jerseys, to novelties, to autographed memorabilia, Dynasty has you covered!