It’s all about the game, and for the NHL fans that are right there in the arena it is many times more exciting than seeing it on TV. And even though many NHL teams play in the same arena as their city’s NBA team, being at an NHL game is very different from watching a basketball game; or for that matter, seeing any other pro sport in person. There’s a level of energy at most NHL games that far exceeds the atmosphere of any other professional sport. It’s almost as if everyone in the arena is wired together like electrical components in the same high-power circuit.

Hockey fans are so over-the-top passionate about their teams, the boisterous, almost rowdy, noise they create seems to have the ability to influence the outcome of the game. It’s as though the home-team fans give their team the equivalent of an extra player on the ice.

So which NHL fans are the most insanely passionate about their teams, the one’s that can raise the decibels to insane levels? Here’s Dynasty Sports top five, in alphabetical order:

Bell CentreMontreal Canadiens

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The Bell Centre is one of the most spectacular and electric venue in all of sports. And the experience of a Canadiens home game is like no other. Being the only NHL team in a predominately French-speaking province, many aspects of the setting are a bit different from that of the other NFL venues. Not only is the Canadian national anthem sung in French, but it resonates with a distinct sense of pride.

TD Garden – Boston Bruins

The atmosphere for hockey in Boston became magical and electric since Bobby Orr’s debut in the 1966-67 season. Bruins fans are some of the most supportive, passionate, wildest, and intensely enthusiastic in the NHL.

United CenterChicago Blackhawks

The best way to describe the atmosphere of a home game at United Center is to call it simply amazing. Every Blackhawks home game is not just another game, it’s a huge event. From the very first note of the Star-Spangled Banner, the arena turns into one of the loudest buildings in the world. And as soon as the anthem ends, the atmosphere becomes electric.

Wells Fargo CenterPhiladelphia Flyers

Flyers fans are known to be some of the most passionate and rowdy in the league, and the arena attendance routinely exceeds the 19,500 seats by a few hundred. Ever since the Broad Street Bullies of the 1970’s, the Flyers’ aggressive nature has spread to their fans. The atmosphere at every home game is raucous, exciting, and provides an unforgettable experience.

Xcel Energy CenterMinnesota Wild

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The Minnesota Wild is the most northern NHL team in the United States, and hockey is probably the most popular sport in the state. That being said, the Wild’s fans are among the most enthusiastic and supportive in the league. Simply put, Wild fans know how to get wild.

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