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    Dynasty Sports' Exclusive Athlete Carter Hart

    Dynasty Sports' Exclusive Athlete Carter Hart

    Dynasty Sports' Exclusive Athlete – Carter Hart

    Get some of the first custom Carter Hart merchandise at Dynasty Sports. We know how much Philly fans love the underdog heroes, and we celebrate them with custom apparel you can only find at Dynasty. Hart is the perfect example of a player who is beating the odds, especially as a rookie. He recorded straight wins for the Flyers, the fourth against the Winnipeg Jets on January 28, he is the first starter goaltender with four straight wins under the age of 21.

    After moving around from Canada to Washington State to Philadelphia, Flyers rookie goaltender Carter Hart is one of the most talked about goalies in the NHL. He’s setting records during his debut season with the Flyers, which might even help them get to the playoffs.


    Hart is from Sherwood Park, Alberta. At age 16, he made 26 saves against the Seattle Thunderbirds, and was part of the Canadian team that took home the gold at the 2015 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament, an under-18 international tournament. In the 2015-2016 season, he was named the CHL Goaltender of the Year, a title he earned again in the 2017-2018 season.

    Due to his records in the junior league, he was already a top NHL prospect. Hart made his Flyers debut in the 2018-2019 season, and Flyers fans can already see how much he’s going to bring to the team.

    Why Hart Was the Flyers Goaltender Draft Pick

    The Flyers drafted Hart in 2016 as a second round pick, finishing 48th overall. He was the first goaltender selected during that draft. Hart debuted as a Flyer on the ice during the 2018-2019 season. After playing for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, a Flyers affiliate team, for most of the season, Hart stepped in for goalie Anthony Stolarz, who was placed on leave after dealing with several injuries throughout the last couple of seasons. During his debut game as a Flyer against the Detroit Red Wings, Philly won 3-2, and Hart was named star of the game. He is the youngest Flyer to win an NHL debut, and one of the youngest players in league history.

    Hart’s debut has drastically increased the Flyers’ chance of making it to the Eastern Conference playoffs, after 10 straight wins between January 14 and February 9. The winning streak surprised NHL fans across the country, and Hart was named NHL Rookie of the Month in January. (The winning streak ended when the Flyers faced rivals Pittsburgh Penguins on February 11.)

    Hart’s teammates praise him for his focus and the bursts of energy during each game that show he has the making of a pro who makes every save look effortless. Nicknamed “Hartsy”, the team is also intent on protecting him during his debut season. Despite fans loving the outcome, you can’t place the fate of the team on a single goalie, especially a player who is so green, despite all the promise he’s showing. Whether the Flyers end up making the playoffs or not this year, Flyers fans can already look forward to what Carter will bring to the team next year now that he’s on the roster.

    What’s Next for Hart

    As the regular season wraps up, it’ll be interesting to see how Hart performs through the end, and how much time he’s given on the ice. The Flyers have a tiny chance of making the playoffs as a Wild Card team but solidifying their defense and more aggressive offense could help them squeeze through. It’ll probably take a miracle for them to score enough points to catch up with the other four wild card contenders: the Hurricanes, Canadians, Blue Jackets, and Penguins.

    Exclusive Carter Hart Merchandise

    Show off Dynasty’s Carter Hart shirt at the next Flyers game, featuring his initials inside a heart pattern on the front and his player number on the back. This unique design will definitely show your love for Hart.

    Fun Fact: Hart’s jersey number as a junior was 70, which he was planning to use while playing for the Flyers. He was given the number 79 during his first Flyers training camp, and one of his longtime fans from his time playing for the Everett Silvertips made a jersey with his player number 79. Hart realized that he couldn’t let the young fan, named Connor, down, so he kept the player number.

    Check out the rest of our Exclusive Player Collections, with designs you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for more Carter Hart merchandise, subscribe to our newsletter so you can find out when we have more, and stay up to date about upcoming Flyers Signings.


    What to Look for When Getting Your Jersey Framed

    What to Look for When Getting Your Jersey Framed

    So you want to frame that special jersey you may have gotten from a friend, family member, or significant other. Or maybe it’s a jersey signed by one of your favorite sports idols. You certainly want your framed jersey to look good and hold up well over time, but you may not know the best way to go about getting it done. Should you use a craft store that does picture framing, or maybe buy a do-it-yourself framing kit to save money?

    You may have seen tutorial videos online or read articles that told you it’s an easy DIY project. That may be true if it’s just a photo you want to frame, but framing a sports jersey is quite different. You should also be wary of using traditional art framers and art supply stores, as most do not have the experience needed to properly mount a sports jersey.

    So what should you look for when checking out companies who advertise that they do sports memorabilia framing? The things you should look at when evaluating who to use to frame your valued jersey are the frame itself, the materials used, how the jersey is laid out and folded, and how it is mounted. 


    There are two basic types of frames used for framing sports jerseys: a flat box frame or a shadow box frame. Either of the two will work fine, but the shadow box frame allows for more customization and is often used when other items, such as pictures, plaques, and three-dimensional items, are incorporated into the frame.



    Make sure all the materials used are of high quality, especially the wood, the moldings, and the mattings. The backings should be acid-free archival quality material. The glass can be regular glass or the more lightweight plexiglass, both with UV-protective coatings. And there should be a variety of material and colors for the mattings.


    The jersey can be folded and laid out a few different ways as long as the player’s name and number are visible, as well as any sleeve patch logos that may be on it. The folds are normally ironed to make sure the jersey stays in place.


    Ideally, the jersey should be fitted around a foam core which will preserve its shape and prevent the material from coming in contact with any items (pins, staples or tape) used to secure the jersey to a mat board or foam backing board.

    When using Dynasty Sports and Custom Framing to frame your prized jersey, it will not only look awesome, it will last a lifetime. While we are fans of DIY projects, we are expert at creating custom displays that you will love for years to come. Even if you found the right size framing kit, our experts will take your jersey display to the next level. We have perfected our quality and process and do it all for unbeatable prices.

    Choose either a black or cherry wood frame, and we will recommend a matting material and color that best matches the jersey or the wall it will call home. We can also use a matting that is color coordinated to make all the colors pop even more. This whole process is entirely customizable, and our experts will walk you through every step and make sure the final product is exactly what you were expecting. The Dynasty team will make sure your framed jersey is exactly what you had in mind. Here’s how we can make your piece even more one-of-a-kind:  

    • A huge variety of color options for the background matting
    • High-quality wooden frames and glass panels
    • Choose high-quality images of your favorite player to put in the frame
    • Add the team name or logo to complete the display
    • Choose your own style and layout

    We ship Nationwide and can get your custom framed jersey back to you in no time. If you live in the Philadelphia area you can also visit one of our convenient locations at either Oxford Valley Mall or Willow Grove Mall, and we’ll help you get started. Or, call us with your questions at (215) 750-3482 and we’ll help you get your project underway.


    Celebrities with Large Sports Memorabilia Collections

    Celebrities with Large Sports Memorabilia Collections

    Sports are something that everyone can bond with - it brings entire cities together and can help us feel better when things are tough in the world. This is why we collect sports memorabilia, because it's a great reminder of wonderful memories and exciting games. Did you know that many celebrities are big collectors of sports memorabilia too? In fact, some of your favorite celebs actually have giant sports memorabilia collections. Here are 10 celebrities with some of the biggest sports memorabilia collections. 

    Bryan Cranston
    Bryan Cranston may be well known for his work on Breaking Bad, but what many people don't know about him is that he collects baseball cards. In particular, he is a huge LA Dodgers fan but has collected cards and other baseball memorabilia from a variety of teams. He started collecting baseball cards as a kid and has maintained a passion for the sport ever since. He's even celebrated his birthday at Dodger Stadium, which has particular sentimental value to him as an LA native. 

    Billy Crystal
    Billy Crystal has been a baseball fan for his entire life and has amassed quite the collection of sports memorabilia. In fact, he loves baseball so much that he directed and produced an HBO show about the New York Yankees' incredible 1961 championship season. After the production of the film, 61*, he donated many significant sports memorabilia items and items from the movie to the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

    Charlie Sheen
    Charlie Sheen has an affinity for Babe Ruth, the legendary baseball player, and he used some of the wealth he has accumulated from his work on television to purchase some authentic Babe Ruth pieces. In particular, he had invested money in Babe Ruth's championship ring, although he later sold it at auction for well over $2 million. 

    Alan Thicke
    Alan Thicke was known as a very popular Canadian actor, and he passed away just a few years ago. What many people didn't know about him was that he was a huge hockey fan - he even died while playing hockey. He had a very large hockey memorabilia collection, and the NHL even sent their condolences when he died. Another interesting fact - Wayne Gretzky looked after Thicke's house and son when he was traded to Los Angeles. 

    Evan Mathis
    Although he may be an NFL player, Evan Mathis has collected a huge range of baseball cards. He loves the process of buying, selling, and trading cards - he recently sold a Mickey Mantle card for $2.88 million and plans to use that money to buy even more exciting sports memorabilia. He also attends sports collecting conferences and is very involved in the entire sports trading community. His dream is to purchase a Topps Mickey Mantle 1952 PSA 10, an extremely rare card worth roughly $10 million. 

    Pele is one of the world's biggest soccer legends, so it's no surprise that he has amassed quite the collection of sports memorabilia throughout the course of his life. His collection contained not only his own medals and jerseys, but also quite a few other soccer memorabilia pieces. Although he auctioned off many of the items a few years ago, at one time his collection was worth over $4 million. 

    Penny Marshall
    The recently deceased movie director had amassed a noteworthy collection of sports memorabilia over the years. Penny Marshall was a native New Yorker and a big Yankees fan. She even attended the National Sports Collectors' Convention each year to collect a very wide range of sports items. She had everything from historic baseball items to modern jerseys and dedicated a large section of her home to her sports collection. 

    Dmitri Young
    This baseball player has long been a collector of cards himself, and he recently auctioned off a huge collection of rookie cards that he had spent years amassing. He specifically looked for cards that were ranked PSA 8 or higher, which is why his collection is so highly valued. Although many of Dmitri Young’s cards were very dear to his heart, he decided to auction them off to benefit a new foundation he recently started to help kids in his hometown in California play baseball. The foundation will be using the proceeds to offer instruction and equipment to underprivileged children. 

    Keith Olbermann
    The former MSNBC anchorman is a big baseball card collector and has shelled out some serious cash for rare cards over the years. For example, he spent roughly $3,000 in 2013 for a rare Bryce Harper card. Keith Olbermann is unique in that he likes to collect rare modern cards as well as vintage ones. In fact, in 2016 and 2017, he opened the first packs of Topps baseball cards for that year. 

    Robin Williams
    The beloved late actor had a huge collection of art and memorabilia of all kinds, many of which were sports pieces. His collection recently went to auction, and many of his pieces sold for thousands of dollars. One of the most unique items that Robin Williams had was an autographed pair of Muhammad Ali's boxing gloves, which Williams received when he was given the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award in 2006. Williams also had a variety of other unique sports items, such as a Cavaliers jersey signed by Lebron James and an autographed baseball from Yogi Berra

    These are just a few of the celebrities that are big sports fans and collect sports memorabilia. Many celebrities like to use the money they have earned from their success to purchase items that are sentimental to them, such as jerseys, cards, tickets, even trophies from their favorite sports teams. A celebrity's sports collection is a great reflection of their hobbies and passions and shows that many people never give up on their favorite childhood dreams.

    Dynasty Sports is your sports memorabilia headquarters for quality authentic sports memorabilia. Our merchandise includes Sports Memorabilia and Collections from every league, Exclusive Dynasty Player Apparel, and Player Signings with some of today’s brightest stars. We offer a large selection of all Philadelphia sports teams memorabilia. Including, the Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia 76ers, and Philadelphia Phillies.

    Dynasty Sports is also skilled at building perfect custom frames for your most cherished possessions. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality custom framing anywhere with very competitive pricing. Visit us at either of our two convenient locations, Oxford Valley Mall and Willow Grove Mall.

    Is the NFL Still America’s Most Popular Sport?

    Is the NFL Still America’s Most Popular Sport?

    Is the NFL Still America’s Most Popular Sport?

    The National Football League has made headlines several times over the last two years, but not, unfortunately, for its game highlights. Numerous controversies have left many fans both disillusioned with the league (as well as the sport of football itself), and there was initial concern that this new criticism would spark a massive drop in viewership. Although professional football has long been heralded as the most popular spectator sport in America, there was question over whether this would still be the case… until now.

    Each year, the Gallup poll compares a select pool of America’s sports fans preference: do they prefer to watch baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, or soccer? And each year, the winner is clear, and we’ll get to that!

    First Things First: How Is Spectator Sport Popularity Calculated?

    Gallup (a professional analytical service) has surveyed the American public annually regarding their spectator sport of choice. The survey is conducted via telephone. The survey participant is asked a brief series of questions regarding his or her sport-watching activities and preferences.  The total number of survey participants is then analyzed in comparison to the results for each sport, which generates a total percentage for each.

    Football Has Been Ranked #1 Since 1972

    Baseball may be as American as apple pie, but when it comes to America’s favorite spectator sport, football still reigns supreme. Since 1972, football (hereafter, referred to as the National Football League, or NFL) has dominated the playing field in terms of being the favorite spectator sport of Americans. Baseball was originally America’s preference in terms of spectators from 1937 until 1972.

    Many people credit the increased televising of NFL games as a major reason for the sudden surge in popularity, while others contribute the rise in interest to the impressive careers of Hall of Fame players like Joe Montana or Walter Payton. Once football eclipsed baseball in the 1972 Gallup poll, it has ranked first every year from then to the present, with no other sport coming close to eclipsing its popularity.

    The NFL Has Strongly Outranked Its Competitors

    National League Football has not just dominated America as the preferred spectator sport since 1972; it has virtually crushed its competition. While baseball originally topped football in the polls until then, football has managed to maintain at least 25% of viewer popularity each year, even surging to 43% between the years 2006-2007. While this may not seem like an impressive number at first glance, baseball was only able to attract 21% or less of those surveyed since 1972.  While professional baseball popularity has been on a steady decline since then, NFL football has managed to stay consistent in its top ranking over decades. In terms of spectator age ranges, football is the favorite sport of 30% of those between 18-34 years old, 40% of those from 35-54 years old, and 39% of those 55 years and older.

    Recent NFL Troubles Have Had Minimal Effect on Its Popularity

    Within the last few years, there have been several controversies that have resulted in criticism of the NFL. The recent focus on the devasting effects of permanent brain damage (known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE) on players has raised a firestorm of questions regarding the overall safety of the game itself.

    There have also been considerable protests regarding domestic and/or sexual assault incidents involving professional football players in recent years. In 2014, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was caught on video punching his wife & dragging her unconscious body from an elevator. In 2016, Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor was accused of raping a dancer in a strip club back room. Though charges were later dropped, the incident brought the issue of professional players and sexual assault to the forefront, generating mass protest and demands for change. There was also public protest demanding the resignation of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

    Within the past two years, the issue of players opting to take a knee during the performing of the National Anthem was also a source of indignation for many fans. When 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick chose to sit down during the playing of The Star-Spangled Banner to protest the recent killings of African American men by police officers, many fans were outraged by what they deemed to be disrespectful and unpatriotic behavior. NFL viewership actually declined by 10% when Gallup performed an independent poll in October of this year.

    Even devout football fans have expressed frustration regarding the behavior of professional players, and the NFL’s popularity definitely took a hit as a result; but it was still not enough of a decline to relinquish football’s number one spot as America’s favorite spectator sport.

    NFL Is Still DEFINITELY America’s Favorite Spectator Sport

    Despite the ups and downs of recent issues within the NFL, football has been steadfast in preserving the top slot of most popular professional spectator sport. At 37% of all viewers surveyed, football is more popular than baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey combined. No professional sport comes close to competing in terms of drawing fan’s attention. So rest easy, football fans, your favorite sport isn’t slipping from its top spot anytime soon! Football is still America’s favorite spectator sport and is consistently ranked far above any other professional sport.

    You can support your team of choice here at Dynasty Sports with an array of team clothing and gear. Check out our extensive inventory of NFL memorabilia to keep your football spirit flowing! And don’t forget Custom Framing, available at both of our locations – Oxford Valley and Willow Grove Malls