What to Look for When Getting Your Jersey Framed

What to Look for When Getting Your Jersey Framed

So you want to frame that special jersey you may have gotten from a friend, family member, or significant other. Or maybe it’s a jersey signed by one of your favorite sports idols. You certainly want your framed jersey to look good and hold up well over time, but you may not know the best way to go about getting it done. Should you use a craft store that does picture framing, or maybe buy a do-it-yourself framing kit to save money?

You may have seen tutorial videos online or read articles that told you it’s an easy DIY project. That may be true if it’s just a photo you want to frame, but framing a sports jersey is quite different. You should also be wary of using traditional art framers and art supply stores, as most do not have the experience needed to properly mount a sports jersey.

So what should you look for when checking out companies who advertise that they do sports memorabilia framing? The things you should look at when evaluating who to use to frame your valued jersey are the frame itself, the materials used, how the jersey is laid out and folded, and how it is mounted. 


There are two basic types of frames used for framing sports jerseys: a flat box frame or a shadow box frame. Either of the two will work fine, but the shadow box frame allows for more customization and is often used when other items, such as pictures, plaques, and three-dimensional items, are incorporated into the frame.



Make sure all the materials used are of high quality, especially the wood, the moldings, and the mattings. The backings should be acid-free archival quality material. The glass can be regular glass or the more lightweight plexiglass, both with UV-protective coatings. And there should be a variety of material and colors for the mattings.


The jersey can be folded and laid out a few different ways as long as the player’s name and number are visible, as well as any sleeve patch logos that may be on it. The folds are normally ironed to make sure the jersey stays in place.


Ideally, the jersey should be fitted around a foam core which will preserve its shape and prevent the material from coming in contact with any items (pins, staples or tape) used to secure the jersey to a mat board or foam backing board.

When using Dynasty Sports and Custom Framing to frame your prized jersey, it will not only look awesome, it will last a lifetime. While we are fans of DIY projects, we are expert at creating custom displays that you will love for years to come. Even if you found the right size framing kit, our experts will take your jersey display to the next level. We have perfected our quality and process and do it all for unbeatable prices.

Choose either a black or cherry wood frame, and we will recommend a matting material and color that best matches the jersey or the wall it will call home. We can also use a matting that is color coordinated to make all the colors pop even more. This whole process is entirely customizable, and our experts will walk you through every step and make sure the final product is exactly what you were expecting. The Dynasty team will make sure your framed jersey is exactly what you had in mind. Here’s how we can make your piece even more one-of-a-kind:  

  • A huge variety of color options for the background matting
  • High-quality wooden frames and glass panels
  • Choose high-quality images of your favorite player to put in the frame
  • Add the team name or logo to complete the display
  • Choose your own style and layout

We ship Nationwide and can get your custom framed jersey back to you in no time. If you live in the Philadelphia area you can also visit one of our convenient locations at either Oxford Valley Mall or Willow Grove Mall, and we’ll help you get started. Or, call us with your questions at (215) 750-3482 and we’ll help you get your project underway.


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