Celebrities with Large Sports Memorabilia Collections

Celebrities with Large Sports Memorabilia Collections

Sports are something that everyone can bond with - it brings entire cities together and can help us feel better when things are tough in the world. This is why we collect sports memorabilia, because it's a great reminder of wonderful memories and exciting games. Did you know that many celebrities are big collectors of sports memorabilia too? In fact, some of your favorite celebs actually have giant sports memorabilia collections. Here are 10 celebrities with some of the biggest sports memorabilia collections. 

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston may be well known for his work on Breaking Bad, but what many people don't know about him is that he collects baseball cards. In particular, he is a huge LA Dodgers fan but has collected cards and other baseball memorabilia from a variety of teams. He started collecting baseball cards as a kid and has maintained a passion for the sport ever since. He's even celebrated his birthday at Dodger Stadium, which has particular sentimental value to him as an LA native. 

Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal has been a baseball fan for his entire life and has amassed quite the collection of sports memorabilia. In fact, he loves baseball so much that he directed and produced an HBO show about the New York Yankees' incredible 1961 championship season. After the production of the film, 61*, he donated many significant sports memorabilia items and items from the movie to the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has an affinity for Babe Ruth, the legendary baseball player, and he used some of the wealth he has accumulated from his work on television to purchase some authentic Babe Ruth pieces. In particular, he had invested money in Babe Ruth's championship ring, although he later sold it at auction for well over $2 million. 

Alan Thicke
Alan Thicke was known as a very popular Canadian actor, and he passed away just a few years ago. What many people didn't know about him was that he was a huge hockey fan - he even died while playing hockey. He had a very large hockey memorabilia collection, and the NHL even sent their condolences when he died. Another interesting fact - Wayne Gretzky looked after Thicke's house and son when he was traded to Los Angeles. 

Evan Mathis
Although he may be an NFL player, Evan Mathis has collected a huge range of baseball cards. He loves the process of buying, selling, and trading cards - he recently sold a Mickey Mantle card for $2.88 million and plans to use that money to buy even more exciting sports memorabilia. He also attends sports collecting conferences and is very involved in the entire sports trading community. His dream is to purchase a Topps Mickey Mantle 1952 PSA 10, an extremely rare card worth roughly $10 million. 

Pele is one of the world's biggest soccer legends, so it's no surprise that he has amassed quite the collection of sports memorabilia throughout the course of his life. His collection contained not only his own medals and jerseys, but also quite a few other soccer memorabilia pieces. Although he auctioned off many of the items a few years ago, at one time his collection was worth over $4 million. 

Penny Marshall
The recently deceased movie director had amassed a noteworthy collection of sports memorabilia over the years. Penny Marshall was a native New Yorker and a big Yankees fan. She even attended the National Sports Collectors' Convention each year to collect a very wide range of sports items. She had everything from historic baseball items to modern jerseys and dedicated a large section of her home to her sports collection. 

Dmitri Young
This baseball player has long been a collector of cards himself, and he recently auctioned off a huge collection of rookie cards that he had spent years amassing. He specifically looked for cards that were ranked PSA 8 or higher, which is why his collection is so highly valued. Although many of Dmitri Young’s cards were very dear to his heart, he decided to auction them off to benefit a new foundation he recently started to help kids in his hometown in California play baseball. The foundation will be using the proceeds to offer instruction and equipment to underprivileged children. 

Keith Olbermann
The former MSNBC anchorman is a big baseball card collector and has shelled out some serious cash for rare cards over the years. For example, he spent roughly $3,000 in 2013 for a rare Bryce Harper card. Keith Olbermann is unique in that he likes to collect rare modern cards as well as vintage ones. In fact, in 2016 and 2017, he opened the first packs of Topps baseball cards for that year. 

Robin Williams
The beloved late actor had a huge collection of art and memorabilia of all kinds, many of which were sports pieces. His collection recently went to auction, and many of his pieces sold for thousands of dollars. One of the most unique items that Robin Williams had was an autographed pair of Muhammad Ali's boxing gloves, which Williams received when he was given the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award in 2006. Williams also had a variety of other unique sports items, such as a Cavaliers jersey signed by Lebron James and an autographed baseball from Yogi Berra

These are just a few of the celebrities that are big sports fans and collect sports memorabilia. Many celebrities like to use the money they have earned from their success to purchase items that are sentimental to them, such as jerseys, cards, tickets, even trophies from their favorite sports teams. A celebrity's sports collection is a great reflection of their hobbies and passions and shows that many people never give up on their favorite childhood dreams.

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