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Whether it’s pictures, posters or even souvenirs, your decor never quite looks right when it’s mounted naked on a wall or propped on a shelf. There’s one simple reason for this: it doesn’t have a frame. Frames are like borders that highlight something. If you just placed a painting on the wall without a frame, then it can look almost out of place unless you have some serious design skills. That’s why our custom framing is such a popular option—because it helps your prized decorations stand out from the rest. 

There are a countless number of things that you could frame for the sake of hanging or placing on shelves, or even using as a gift: 

  • Sports Memorabilia Framing - hit a famous home-run with a certain bat? Did your shoes wear out during an important match? Managed to take home the puck that you scored during your first professional hockey game? These are all unique items that tell your history, so frame them, place them on your wall and remind yourself of your deeds.
  • Custom Jersey Framing - we offer outstanding custom jersey framing. No matter who your favorite player is, no matter the jersey, we’ll help you make it look its absolute best. 
  • Photo Framing - the most common type of thing you’ll frame in your life. Photographs not only look great with a border around them, but it helps to preserve the image, especially if it’s an old photograph that can fade and be worn away.
  • Corporate Framing - Adding framed artwork or prints to office walls makes a huge difference to the entire look and feel of your workplace: with several striking pieces, you’ll give the entire environment a more dynamic, unique atmosphere.
  • Fine Art Framing - whether it’s a famous replica of a picture (or the real thing) or some artwork that your child drew, framing it can be a fantastic way to preserve the picture and make it stand out from the rest of your wall.
  • Poster Framing- posters are a great way to express your love for a singer, a movie, or a story. Buy posters that you have an interest in, then protect their fragile nature with a quality custom-designed frame.
  • Memorabilia Framing - Collectibles are big business today. From high-end action figures and statues to vintage toys, many people of all ages build extensive collections to celebrate their favorite sports, movies, television series, musicians, and more. We can build a custom frame for any collectible you have!
  • Gift Framing- whether it’s one of the above, a small toy or a unique gift that you’ve never seen before, why not frame it and keep it on display for people to see?

  • Souvenir Framing - if you’ve been on a vacation recently (or you like to travel) then you’ve probably accumulated lots of travel memorabilia. Souvenirs look fantastic when framed, and it will serve as a constant reminder of your travels.

  • Newspaper Clippings Framing - have you been featured in the local newspaper? Maybe you have an article in a national magazine. Whatever it is, newspaper and magazine clippings make fantastic memorabilia.
  • Certificate/Diploma Framing - if you’re proud of what you’ve done, then show it off with some custom framing. Additionally, you could use our custom framing options to frame a certificate that your company has and proudly put it on display in your reception area.
  • Collectible Toy Framing - storing toys (especially collectable ones) can be difficult especially when they gather a lot of dust and can’t be seen. Show off your passions with a simple toy frame and place your collections on display.

Whatever you can think of, we’re willing to frame it to the best of our abilities and make your frame to order. We have many different designs including matte frames, and you’re always welcome to suggest your ideas in case you need something unique.