What The Color Kelly Green Means to The Philadelphia Eagles

What The Color Kelly Green Means to The Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles Kelly Green Jerseys 

The Philadelphia Eagles have donned the color Green since their inception in 1933. Utilizing several shades throughout the years the debate has been strong as to which style is the most desired among fans. Over the course of the past decade, it has become apparent that the Philadelphia faithful prefer and clamor over the desirable, Kelly Green jerseys.

The Football team of Broad Street began wearing the Kelly Green colors during several decades of play. In 1954 they became one of the first teams to include their logo on their helmet that showcased silver Eagle wings. Eventually, over the next several seasons the Birds would add variations of their uniforms to include an actual Eagle holding a football as well as additional text under the logo. The history and progression of the Eagles’ logo heritage has been highlighted with the official Philadelphia Eagles Heritage Banner.

Hall of Famers and legends have had the honor of wearing the color green. Chuck Bednarik, or “Concrete Charlie” as he was intimidatingly named was one of the first national known names to wear the colors before the logo was added. This was highlighted in this year’s limited edition bobblehead that was released for fans. The bobblehead showcases Bednarik in his game ready stance as he sports the Kelly Green jersey without any logos. The mold for this limited release can be seen in photo form that Chuck Bednarik has graciously autographed. Fast forward to the early 1990’s when the Kelly Green Eagles uniforms hit their peak and fully launched onto the national football scene. Sporting the new logo, “The Ultimate Weapon”, Randall Cunningham made the Kelly Green jersey a fashion statement with his quick feet, laser like arm, and ability to maneuver around the field like no other. His NFL jersey, which can be purchased now, was the most popular of his time and continues to be one of Dynasty Sports’ biggest sellers.

Eagles Hall of Famer and one of the NFL’s best pass rushers, Reggie White was one of the most famous athletes to wear the Kelly Green. To this day, White still holds the Eagles’ all-time sack record at 124 quarterback takedowns all while wearing the Eagles Kelly Green Jersey. Earlier this year, Dynasty Sports began carrying the official and fully licensed Reggie White dual home/away jersey.
To this day, the Eagles’ Kelly Green colors and logos have become one of the most popular items that Dynasty Sports carries. Staples for any Philadelphia football fan include throwback car magnets, Eagles shot glasses, and even Philadelphia Eagles throwback Kelly Green socks. Additionally, the NFL has produced a hybrid Eagles throwback hoodie that incorporates the hockey style laces with throwback Eagles colors and logos. This has been one of our best selling items since arriving to Dynasty Sports.

Current Philadelphia Eagles players such as DeSean Jackson, Malcom Jenkins & Fletcher Cox have all expressed a desire to switch back to the popular 90’s uniform that so many greats have worn. Regardless of your preference, there is no arguing that the famous colors will go down as one of the best uniform schemes that the NFL has ever seen. As featured in this All-Time Eagles Greats photo, the stars like Reggie White, Chuck Bednarik, Jerome Brown, and Ron Jaworski can attest to that wearing the Kelly uniforms has been one of their biggest joys during their successful NFL careers.

What are your thoughts on the Philadelphia Eagles going back to their Kelly Green roots? Are you for it?

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