Ideas For Framing Corporate Art, Posters, and Press Clippings

As anyone who has ever worked in a bland, characterless office knows, a little creativity goes a long way. While corporate offices continue to evolve, allowing for more vibrant decors (popularized by Facebook and other Silicon Valley giants), many companies still have drab offices. Not only is this unpleasant for employees left staring at plain white walls all day, it also affects that all-important first impression for any clients or visitors. 

 Adding framed artwork or prints to office walls makes a huge difference to the entire look and feel of your workplace: with several striking pieces, you’ll give the entire environment a more dynamic, unique atmosphere. Investing in customized framing allows you to match the perfect frames for any artwork or print you choose, but first you have to consider this question: 

What type of pieces should you hang on your walls, and why? Let’s check out some ever-popular ideas.  

Iconic Posters  

One popular type of artwork for your office is posters, either advertising your own brand or something less directly-relevant (but no less striking). Consider hanging framed posters advertising your business, to reinforce your branding and ensure your workplace has real character; you want any visitors to know exactly where they are when they step inside.  

A particularly bold or creative advertisement for your brand will work best – anything that draws the eye and tells the world everything they need to know about the brand, in a matter of seconds. As well as advertisements, you might also hang posters that reflect some of your company’s culture or your team’s interests (after all, they’re the people who make your business what it is).  

For example, you might want to hang famous movie posters on your walls. These are widely available, in outstanding quality – you’ll find almost any theatrical or movie poster for sale online. Ideally, you should consider posters from movies that relate to your brand in some way (such as inspiring your name or ethics), or that’s a team favorite. Alternatively, you might pick a poster simply because it adds real color or some flair to your office. A vintage piece of artwork, such as the classic Star Wars posters by Drew Struzan, are masterpieces. Custom framing allows you to choose colors and sizes that match your posters perfectly.  

Articles About Your Team or Company 

Has your business been mentioned in an article, either online or in print? This may be a praise-packed product review, a biography of your founder, an in-depth interview with a team-member, or simply a piece covering your brand’s launch. Regardless of the topic, so long as the article is positive, it belongs on your wall! 

Give it pride of place in your reception area, so visitors recognize how legitimate you are when they arrive, or in the center of the office. Invest in a bold, colorful frame that makes the article a standout star. Certain custom frames can also be produced with your favorite sports team’s badge across it: consider adding this when framing your articles, to reflect a little of your company’s personality and passion. 

 Awards and Certificates


On a similar note, any awards and certificates should be framed and hung on your office walls. For a start, these add real credibility to your company, highlighting specific strengths. For example, an award for ‘best digital marketing enterprise’ from a leading industry publication carries significant weight, while something like ‘best mobile app’ showcases an area of notable innovation and success.  

Certificates proving your business’s and individuals’ achievements are equally impressive to visitors and prospective clients. Have your team-members received qualifications in a skill or practice? Does this give them an edge over competitors? If so, hang these in eye-catching frames to show your employees off at their best! 

Inspirational Image 

You should be looking to inspire your workforce every day. Not only will great leadership help your employees achieve the best results they can, it’ll also give them more pride in their daily efforts and achievements.  

Yourself and your team might find inspiration in all kinds of artwork. Perhaps an iconic picture of a favorite sports star motivates your company to greatness – Michael Jordan hitting a buzzer beater shot, Tom Brady making an eye popping throw, or Wayne Gretzky getting yet another goal on the ice. Custom frames decorated with your team’s colors or badges emphasize the image’s importance and power, too. 

Your inspirational picture might be a photograph of a stunning location, or a historical figure accompanied by an unforgettable quote. Wherever you find inspiration, take pride in it – hang it for all to see and be motivated by. Again, this will speak volumes about your company culture for any visitor. If it resonates with them too, it may also help them feel more engaged and motivated to work with you.  

Funny or Motivational Infographics 

Finally, high quality infographics make fantastic additions to your office walls. Infographics are hugely popular as a means of fast communication: they share information in a bite-size format, condensing often complex data into a visual form with bold designs. Often, infographics feature humor or motivational quotes, while tying into specific areas of business (marketing, training, customer satisfaction etc.).  

With this in mind, consider printing infographics you either source online or have created in-house; choose pieces that relate to your brand or ethos somehow. These should tell visitors something about your brand, your workforce, or both.  

With custom framing, you can match the key colors in the infographics to those in the image itself, to maximize its visual impact. Adding framed artwork to your office can be incredibly effective, injecting visual excitement, personality, and diverse colors into your everyday environment. It’s vital to choose high-quality frames that offer stable support and protection for the print inside. Custom frames can also be a stunning design/piece of art in their own right.  

Finally, it is best to get the help of an expert to help you with all of your office’s the custom framing needs.  

Dynasty Sports and Custom Framing is a large sports memorabilia and custom framing store, located in Bucks County, PA.  


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