Why Are Athlete Signing Events So Popular?

Why Are Athlete Signing Events So Popular?

Why Are Athlete Signing Events So Popular?

In 2015, it was revealed that superstar quarterback Tom Brady charged around $650 for his autograph. The New England Patriots player may well be one of the biggest active athletes in the United States today, but many people (including fans) were left stunned by this price. This was no meet-and-greet opportunity either; paying customers were not even able to say hello to the icon in person. 

Now, let’s make no mistake, thousands of fans would no doubt be thrilled to have Brady sign a picture, helmet, or football, regardless of the price or impersonal circumstances, yet not everybody would have that kind of money readily available. This high price isn’t the norm, either; other athletes command diverse fees for their signature, often much more affordable for their fans. Figures from across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and other areas of sports happily provide autographs for fans, but the situations in which they do this varies. 

Athlete signing events are an incredibly popular way for followers to have a hero sign a piece of memorabilia, usually for a fair fee. These have become particularly popular in recent years, but why? 

This is the Era of Collectibles

We live in a time when people are encouraged to display their fandom. Love of comic-books, video games, movies, anime, action figures, and others are more accepted today than ever, and sports is certainly a significant part of this growing appreciation of pop-culture.

Building collections is part and parcel of being a fan in the modern world. While followers of a sport, team, or player may have had a signed picture on their wall in the past, today it’s far easier (and more fashionable) to collect various types of memorabilia in honor of your heroes. Collectibles can be framed or displayed in cases, for your own enjoyment or to wow visitors, or both. A signed piece by your favorite player or team is a jewel in the crown. Athlete signing events are just like book signings, an appearance by a musician, a singer, or even a comic, with fans gathering together to share their love of a specific figure. 

A Chance to Meet Your Heroes

One of the core reasons behind the popularity of athlete signing events is they offer fans a rare, maybe even a once-in-a-lifetime, chance to meet their hero or heroes. Perhaps you love to follow the Phillies, or you’re strictly a Yankees fan. Perhaps you travel to watch every game, own plenty of memorabilia, and dream of meeting your favorite player someday just to tell them how much you admire them.

An athlete signing event is an official, controlled environment in which to do this. Simply approaching them on the street may be inappropriate, especially if they’re with friends or family, but a signing is dedicated entirely to athletes meeting their followers. They tend to be delighted to see so many appreciative fans, and try their best to make everyone feel welcome.

You’ll have an opportunity to meet them in the flesh, have one or more items signed, and possibly even have a picture taken with them, if photo-ops are available. This is a hugely exciting, unforgettable moment, and can only reinforce your loyalty to them and their team. A photograph can be mounted in a custom frame for years to come, making a powerful addition to any sports memorabilia collection.

Another important factor is that the athlete signing events feature security and on-site personnel to ensure everyone gets their turn to meet the guest of honor. This eliminates the risk of disappointment or people taking more time with the star athlete than others. 

Guaranteed Authenticity

Authenticity is a key selling point in the sports memorabilia field. The most reliable sellers provide certificates of authenticity for your peace of mind; you know the athlete himself, or herself, has autographed the item personally. You can rest assured that the helmet, shirt, picture, jersey, or other piece will likely rise in value accordingly. Athlete signing events provide the ultimate authenticity; you’ll personally get to watch your hero or heroine scribble their name across your memorabilia. There will be no question, no doubt.

Autographs can be personalized during athlete signing events too. While not every guest will provide a personalized message (such as ‘to David, all the best’), some will. For anyone looking to sell a signed item that’s been personalized, such customized autographs are problematic, decreasing the value. But for everyone else, receiving a specialized message is a huge thrill. This helps to make your piece of memorabilia unique. In years to come, you can prove this signature was written for you, and you alone. While it may not carry the same monetary value as a more generic signature, it will be priceless to you.

A Buzzing Atmosphere

Hundreds, if not more, of people may attend an athlete signing event. With everyone excited to meet an icon, get a signature, or even a photo together, the atmosphere is electric. Crowds can really add to the event’s buzz, and help to inspire excitement in the athlete too, making for an all-round more memorable experience. Athlete signing events tend to have huge turnouts, and some people may be unable to gain access. Where a reservation is available, you’re always encouraged to do so, to avoid disappointment.

Dynasty Sports and Custom Framing hosts a range of different athlete signing events, welcoming players from the Philadelphia teams to meet fans. This is a service we’re incredibly proud of, and we offer many different options, including autographs and photo ops. We keep our prices affordable, to ensure fans on diverse budgets can enjoy a special experience.

Dynasty Sports and Custom Framing also offers custom framing services to personalize your pictures (either those signed by the guest or from a photo-op) even further; you may wish to add team logos to your frame, as well as your team’s colors. This is a powerful way to celebrate your heroes and reinforce your loyalty to their team.

Want to know when our next signings will be? Head over to our Signings Page for more, or feel free to give us a call at (215) 750-3482.




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